Why you should have an Ink replacement available always

Admit it, even you get caught up in the bustling business days a lot and so much literally skids off your mind. As a worker or business owner, there is always so much to clear off your desk (at least most times), the workload could be terrific many a time, and other days it could be light. So many tasks pinned up on your task menu, calls hitting your desk in and out, running out to grab documents and a lot of other routine office tasks happening simultaneously. Next, you’re on your Pc, and you hit print, and a blank paper rolls out in the middle of a tiresome day and too bad, the next supply store is about 20 minutes drive (not considering traffic).

In this paper, I will quickly highlight the top 2 reasons why you should always have an ink replacement handy.

Save a lot of time & energy

Definitely, a lot of minutes wasted of your desk would impact significantly on your daily efficiency and task completion. However, if you have a couple of spare ink lying around the corner, you can easily swap the cartridge and continue your smooth flow of work without any need to run off for ink supplies.

Clear odds of embarrassments

Imagine if you have a client upfront your desk, and your printer turns blank, and you can’t do anything about it immediately, imagine if you have to put your client on hold to run off to some faraway store to procure some replacements. It definitely tarnishes your image and the image of your organisation. To save yourself from incidences like this, it’s more reliable and less embarrassing to quickly swap in a replacement than running off to some unknown place.


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