Our Line of Service

Premium quality Ink & Toner:

At Mantis, we sell the cheapest Premium Ink cartridges for all inkjet printer models and brands. We also sell quality Cartridges for major laser printer brands like HP, Canon, Epson. Not sure which ink cartridge you need? Try our premium range of inks to find the right products for you and, when you order through mantisink.com we’ll include next business day delivery for free. Our premium quality inks and cartridges are eligible for all inkjet printers, meaning you will never run out of ink at the critical moments. Mantis Ink is favored by publishers and printers as it is relatively low cost (compared with the price of rival inks). Four colours (CMYK) is available and also a top-up refill package to help you get through a small-scale
print. Our Inks are solid which delivers vibrant printout and also are efficient to ensure it doesn’t deplete quickly.

Printers and Printers Advice:

Looking to make an impact with a huge impression through your print works? Our printers can help you achieve just that. We have availability of a variety of printers which the current market has to offer including laser jets and inkjet printers.
We all know that the growth rate of businesses in this era tends to be very competitive which necessitates the need to have a sound and reliable printer at all time to keep up to that pace, which is where our printers come into play, with a reputation of durability, our printers sets a benchmark of high performance to deliver exceptional results always. We bear the hallmark of excellence and credibility to
ensure we serve you qualitatively at all times.

We give bits of advice on the use and operation of printers. We will provide you with reviews and everything you need to know about buying the best inkjet printers and best laser printers. We tell you what your printer needs from you and what you are expected to do whenever you see some signs. We also give you ink and toner advice for your printer.

Paper & Offices Supplies:

Made from farmed Eucalypt trees from natural environments, we offer good quality Eco-friendly Paper in 65/70/75 GSM, strong (to run through modern-day high-speed web printing presses) and can accept four-color printing at exceptional qualities that meet the needs of a wide range of customer choices. Our paper has a smooth finish for a crisp print out combined with outstanding opacity and added bulk delivers quality both on double-sided printing and copying. A further implementation of advanced technologies in production boosts drenching issues without soaking up the paper with ink while maintaining a pure and accurate representation of content while printing.

We also deal with supplying paper and office supplies which include pins, stapler, ribbon, twain, pencil, pen, punch, stapler, etc. In any occasion, you run short of office equipment or need to acquire one urgently pay no further ado cause our office supply got you covered.

Our array of office equipment always has your back. We deliver beautiful and well-crafted materials which will suit your need. With various materials available at our disposal, we have all that you’ll need from tape dispensers, staplers, markers, office pins, binders, notebooks, ballpoint pens, stamp and lot more. We also make deliveries nationwide, and even to your doorstep to ease you of hassles while
purchasing from us